Types of Swim Meets

Home Meets

Home meets are competitions swum at the YMCA of Grays Harbor. Each family is asked to participate wherever needed (timing, cleanup, awards, etc.). Without parent participation, home swim meets are not possible. Home meets are also a source of income for our team from heat sheet sales, vendors, and raffles.

Away Meets

Away meets are conpetitions swum at other pools in our league. It is the responsibility of swimmers to arrange their own transportation to away meets. If a swimmer needs transportation assistance, parents are encouraged to arrange for carpooling.

PSSA League Meets

Dual Meets swim on team against another within the league. These meets are a full team effort.

Fall Festival is the kickoff meet of the season to determine the size and strength of the league. Time Standards for the season are determined at this meet.

The A/B Champs Meet takes place in January at OYST. Swimmers fall into one of two categories at this meet, A Championships and B Championships, based on their age and/or time standards. B Championships is for 8 & under swimmers and for swimmers who have not yet achieved the A time standards. A Championships is for those who have achieved A time standards and determines the top swimmers of the league. Swimmers win awards and ribbons based on whether they have A times or B times.

The Washington YMCA State Swimming Championship is held at Weyerhaeuser King Aquatic Center in Federal Way, WA. To participate, swimmers must have swum in at least one closed dual meet. Swimmers must also meet the qualifying times to participate in this meet.

YMCA Regional Championships is for YMCA swim clubs in the Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington region. Only swimmers who have regional times qualify for this meet. Regional time standards are generally faster than A time standards.

PNS (USA) League Meets

A Developmental Meet is open to swimmers who do not have AAA times. A swimmer may also enter this meet if they have no time in a specific stroke.

A Special Meet is sometimes referred to as Invitational Meets. A swimmer’s eligibility is by time standards set for this specific meet.

An Invitational Meet is by invitation only. Usually AAA times are required.

Mini Meets are for nine and under age group only.

A Regional Age Group Meet is for swimmers who have met the standards.

Senior Meets are for swimmers who have senior qualifying times.

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